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We combine legal, business, branding and real estate expertise, operational best practices, knowledge of the layers of compliance, and straightforward communication to provide clients the competitive edge needed to become market leaders. Leveraging a network of industry professionals and subject matter experts, PPI brings you the information you seek and the results you expect. PPi's team of experts have written winning applications in 7 legal marijuana states while also consulting on a large range of topics in a total of 15 states.



Compliance with the detailed pre and post licensure requirements of a legal cannabis program is a challenging and time-consuming task. We use our knowledge of the unique corporate and regulatory challenges your organization faces to help you comply with existing and evolving government guidelines. Our  cannabis consultants have extensive experience in evaluating organizational progress and processes to help ensure they are compliant with sufficient controls in place to ensure growth. 

Competitive Licenses


With extreme growth and opportunity surging in the marijuana industry. Now is the time to make your mark in this burgeoning field. PPi specializes in acquiring medical and recreational cannabis licenses in competitive markets. Whether you’re seeking licensure, real estate, finance, a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or tool, we can help. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success. We didn’t get there alone. And neither will you. 


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Paula Givens, J.D.

Following a highly successful 20 year career as a Federal attorney, Paula chose to embark on a new venture advising and consulting cannabis business seeking licensure in new markets. For the past 5 years, Paula has been winning licenses and expanding her knowledge and expertise in the regulated cannabis industry.

Pedro J Sotomayor

Mr. Sotomayor is a successful entrepreneur with an extensive background in team building, sales logistics, finance administration, supply chain management, and personnel oversight. Pedro has been a focused community business leader and articulate governmental communicator who has built long lasting relationships with city and county regulators, valued clients, professional partners, and trusted vendors. An astute visionary with a track record of creating and implementing innovative methodologies to grow revenue and increase margins in his operational endeavors and has a successful history of leading initiatives for engaging customers, marketing and merchandising brand assets, conscientious and respectful advertising, as well as comprehensive safe and secure product management. Throughout his career, Pedro has championed the development and implementation of strategic plans, progressive brand positioning ideas, and sustainable business practices. Pedro believes the core competencies of transferable business skill sets hinge on strong motivation, uncompromising determination, immense passion, and an instinct to do what’s right for all stakeholders involved. In assembling winning groups and solvent companies, Pedro understands powerful corporate governance practices that generate positive revenue and products that are beneficial to consumers. 

The PPi Difference

The cannabis industry is predicted to create more jobs than manufacturing by 2020 according to 2017 data published by Forbes from New Frontier Data and is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. While obtaining a license to operate a cannabis business is a significant step, it is one of many on a long, arduous journey toward profitable, compliant daily operations. Following licensure, many business owners find themselves with more questions than answers. PPI provides answers and clear guidance to enable your business to successfully operate in emerging and established legal markets.

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